UADA brings defense technology to Ukraine

UADA brings defense technology to Ukraine

Earlier this month, The Utah Aerospace and Defense Association President and CEO Aaron Starks and Vice President for Government Relations, Adam Gardiner, joined the humanitarian and trade delegation from Utah that visited Ukraine.

Why it matters

Utah is the first state to send an official contingent to Ukraine during war time. The mission aimed to form and deepen government and business relationships, provide humanitarian aid, and explore business opportunities that would benefit both parties.

“UADA had a very special purpose in this effort,” said Starks, “and that was to connect aerospace, defense, and security companies to buyers, partners, and investors in Ukraine.”

Go deeper

Utah’s sincere desire to help lead to meetings with increasingly high ranking Ukrainian officials, culminating in discussions with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

After personally seeing the impact of the conflict, UADA representatives plead for greater understanding and aid from Utahns and Americans at large.

“We have the manufacturing capability, we have the tools, the technology, the expertise, the logistics to help them,” said Gardiner. “There is no way an economy the size of Utah will be able to put up a fight against a giant nuclear power without our help.”