Strider arms business for geopolitical battle

Strider arms business for geopolitical battle

In an era where governments are increasingly practicing economic statecraft, Strider empowers organizations to compete by harnessing data to create tailored solutions that protect against innovation theft, supply chain vulnerabilities and insider threat.

Why it matters

“[We] are enabling companies and government agencies around the world to actually defend themselves against nation states that target them,” said Greg Levesque, president and CEO at Strider. “This is not just about revenue. We have a national security mission and we are working toward something bigger than ourselves.”

Much of the economic and military competitive advantage the United States has enjoyed is the result of industry, especially in the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. The companies that develop these solutions provide the means for our men and women in the military and intelligence communities to execute their assignments. Strider’s data-driven solutions help organizations maintain competitiveness over the long run.

Go deeper

Strider takes its place in the expanding Utah community of intelligence companies playing on the global stage. “The talent here is phenomenal,” said Levesque, “and the support from the state has been inspiring.”

As they build the world’s premier ecosystem for aerospace, defense and security companies, the Utah Aerospace and Defense Association partners with Strider to elevate awareness of the important role Utah plays in national security.