OxEon transforms energy conversion

OxEon transforms energy conversion

OxEon Energy just might be the most impressive company you’ve never heard of. Founded by three engineering colleagues in 2017, OxEon set about to revolutionize the way traditional energy markets function, and to break long-established conversion and storage barriers.

Why it matters

OxEon’s shining star in a productive on-going partnership with NASA, is the MOXIE program for creating oxygen from carbon dioxide in Mars’ atmosphere, a pioneering technology which is being scaled for future space missions as well as use on Earth.

“For the first time ever in the history of humanity,” said CEO Joseph Hartvigsen, “someone has taken a resource not originating on Earth and converted it into a useful product by applying chemical engineering principles.”

Go deeper

Additional OxEon pathways allow for the production of transportation fuels from carbon dioxide and water, gas to liquid conversion, and fuel-cell power generation. “We predominately focus on technologies that support fuel independence in the U.S.,” said Jessica Elwell, OxEon COO, “as well as the production of non-fossil-based fuels.”

OxEon finds support for supply chain and workforce development through the Utah Aerospace and Defense Association. They are proud to be a Utah company, citing the state’s legislative backing, and strong economic and talent resources.