UADA Works with higher education institutions for workforce advocacy

University Lead Workforce Advocacy

If you’re in higher education and you’re interested in working with UADA, click the link below to contact us.

UADA is dedicated to supporting organizations recruiting and retaining top talent. We support professional development and continuing education efforts so our workforce remains relevant in this rapidly changing industry.

We are committed to helping universities develop and deliver appropriate and up-to-date curriculum to educate students and provide them with the skills they need to enter these industries.

In partnership with the Utah System of Higher Education, we create opportunities for the next generation of leaders to connect with prospective employers through events, promotional efforts, and guest lectures.

The Aerospace & Defense industries rely on STEM education which translates to positions within Engineering, Software Development, Coding, etc. All of which are drastically needed in the state of Utah.

Nationally, the workforce is aging, meaning that more experienced and skilled workers are retiring, creating a challenge for companies looking to recruit, develop, and retain top talent.

The cost of turnover can be staggering for an organization. Hiring new workers requires substantial investments in time and resources. Companies must offer competitive wages, benefits, and training to attract the best possible employees.

From early career hiring to senior leadership recruitment, UADA assists clients in talent acquisition and recruiting for the Aerospace and Defense industry through partnering organizations with global networks and ability to source the talent they need.